Lygon Street

Lygon Street

Lygon Street

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Visioneer Builders



Willem-Dirk du Toit

Esme Parker


This house was designed to be shared.

With home-ownership in the inner city becoming increasingly out of reach; strategies to offset cost through shared living arrangements will become increasingly common. This project seeks to embrace this and create a living situation that takes the best elements of communal living into a more grown up space.

The site now has two standalone buildings that face each other across a shared garden. This allows inhabitants to control what they share and their level of privacy; which creates flexibility and options. Something that can evolve with their changing needs.

We think that this house is a successful model. It is an economical, robust building that brings joy to the clients while being low impact. A solution that promotes communal living and a strategy to provide affordable housing in the inner city.


Boundary walls are built from recycled brick with the raking form addressing the neighbour.

The building opens to the shared garden and laneway.

Small details elevate inexpensive, utilitarian finishes.

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