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The clients desired a timber-clad building which was an exciting prospect for the studio. They are a couple who moved from their own places into this home in inner-Melbourne; requiring the consolidation of their belongings and art collections, which was documented + designed for. Both have large extended families who they entertain on a regular basis which was a key starting point.

The exacting timber detailing made the project a challenging carpentry exercise which the builders rose to. A restrained palette was used throughout with slight shifts between spaces, creating a subtle transition between new and old and providing each room with its own feel and identity.

The extension was envisaged as cabinetry; a tidy, fastidious timber clad structure and an opportunity for meticulous details.

The original part of the house was refurbished with new materials throughout. The pallete subtlety shifts through every room.

Timber Cladding
The rhythm of the timber straps integrates with the openings and internal planning.

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