Depot de Pain, Blackman Hotel

Depot de Pain, Blackman Hotel

Depot de Pain, Blackman Hotel

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Willem-Dirk du Toit


Depot de Pain Fleur’s is the first of three in a series we designed. This French cafe, patisserie and restaurant has been in operation since 2010 and is located in the foyer of the Blackman¬†Art Series Hotel, St Kilda Road, next door to Classico. The greatest challenge was creating a place that feels comfortable for breakfast as well as late night drinks.

The opportunity of designing both hospitality ventures at a hotel allowed us to provide guests with complimentary options. The materials were selected to create different atmospheres but a cohesive feel. In both instances we cater to solo diners to ensure visitors feel good when they enter.

Depot was designed to operate from breakfast to dinner and later with a retail component. This diversity creates an energetic space with an atmosphere that shifts through the day.

Materials + Seating
Providing patrons with options and balancing light and dark materials were a critical elements in making the venue feel good throughout the day

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