Murray Street

Murray Street

Murray Street

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In a part of Elsternwick where typical properties are 3 times the size and in a street affected by restrictive Planning Overlays; this house required tightly planned solutions.

On a long narrow block, the existing boundary to boundary row house terminated in a short low ceilinged 90s addition. The extension needed to capture as much light and air as possible.  The east facing highlight windows provide a view of the sky and neighbouring trees, and bring dappled light through in the morning. The form allows cross ventilation and the inhabitants can flush warm air out from the apex on hot days.

Foomann have been experimenting with exposed steel in construction and joinery for some time – the approach has an honesty that appeals to the practice. The clients, both commercial project managers, were enthusiastic about this aesthetic. Taking queues from the Rogers House in London, the exposed steel portal created a rhythm and opportunity to conceal lighting.

The result is a house with warmth and the amenity and feel of a much larger building.

Steel Frame
The exposed steel portal frame is the unifying decorative element

Highlight Windows
Open at the apex to flush warm air from the living space and provide the living space with dappled light from neighbouring trees to create movement across the raked ceiling

Natural Light is used for dramatic effect with a skylight flooding the dark tiled bathroom

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